среда, 25 марта 2020 г.

Graphic 45 2020 Brand Ambassador Audition

Спустя два года я снова решила подать заявку в любимую команду!!!!

I’m Lena . I live in Russia, in the beautiful city of St. Petersburg. I’m a  mother of three children. I have 14 year-old son and 8 year-old daughter, and son- 3 old year.
I’ve decided to apply for application to the team of my ream this year. I can’t imagine my creative life without my favorite Graphic 45. I continue to work and create albums, altered art and cards. And also I keep working with albums more often.

Well, today I want to show tutorial my new album.

It consists of tags Graphic 45. Recently, I’ve made several albums (details here  and here),that's why I decided to share my master class of creating such albums. We can decorate it with different decorations, small details and many other things. I almost have no decorations, because Dreamland collection paper is amazing without any addition. The photo, which we can put into frames, can become perfect decoration instead.

Calendar Box Fashion Forward

Привет всем, кто еще тут есть))
Блог я забросила окончательно.Но думаю может и стоить заново и сюда показывать работы.
Использовала коллекцию Fashion Forward Graphic 45